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> Apply for a refund of foreign VAT (EU) before 30.09.2022!

Apply for a refund of foreign VAT (EU) before 30.09.2022!

If you want to reclaim the VAT you paid in another EU member state, you must submit your request in time, preferably today. 

Foreign VAT. If you pay local VAT in another EU member state because you fill up your car there, go to a hotel, attend a training course, etc., you can reclaim this VAT under certain conditions.
You can apply for a refund via the online portal Intervat. You can apply for a refund of VAT paid professionally in another EU Member State via a separate Intervat application, i.e. via the VAT refund module. However, the VAT amount must be at least EUR 50 per Member State. The Belgian VAT administration then ensures that the application reaches the relevant Member State.
Please note, contrary to what you might think, it is not the Belgian VAT rules that apply, but the local foreign VAT rules. The VAT on fuel costs for company cars can, for example, be deducted up to 50% in Belgium, but this is not (always) the case in other EU Member States. This means that sometimes more VAT can be reclaimed than you might expect!
Deadline. The application for foreign VAT for 2021 must be submitted by 30.09.2022.
Take action now to reclaim the foreign (EU) VAT incurred during calendar year 2021! If you only submit your request after 30 September 2022, your right to a refund lapses irrevocably.
Since some Member States are very formalistic and will reject the application if not everything in the application file has been filled in correctly and/or if the correct annexes (invoices, etc.) have been sent in the correct format, it is advisable to let a professional, such as ourselves, assist you with this.



If you have any further questions about this, please contact us!